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If you need help or advice, our email is or call our UK freephone 0800 316 3676 or text or call Angela on +33 6 50 10 85 21 ‬or Gavin on +33 6 42 32 98 53.

Help & FAQsWeight and size of our wine

A case of 6 bottles of Château Bauduc wine weighs 7.5kg and measures 31cm x 24cm x 16.5cm (packed lying down).

A case of 6 of our sparkling wine weighs 9.5kg and measures 33cm x 26.5cm x 17.5cm.

Loading the car

For large orders, consider the load your car can carry - and don't forget any other luggage. Assuming the weight of an average male passenger is 84kgs, our wine weighs this in comparison:

72 bottles or 12 cases of 6 weighs 90kg, a little more than the average man.

60 bottles of sparkling, in 10 cases of 6, weighs 95 kg - 15% more than the average man.

120 bottles, or 20 cases of 6, of our still wine weighs 150 kg - a little less than two average male passengers.

120 bottles, in 20 cases of 6, of our sparkling wine weighs 190 kg, a little over two average male passengers. (Saving on UK duty is over £400.)

216 bottles of our still wine, in 35 cases of 6, weighs 262 kgs, the same as three average male passengers. (Saving on UK duty is nearly £500.)

The AA: "The Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) or Maximum Permitted Weight (MPW) for your car is the maximum allowed and includes everything in and on the car, the driver and passengers.
Find the 'MAM' on the 'VIN plate' under the bonnet or in your handbook."

You might need to adjust tyre pressures to suit the heavier load.

Heavy loads are likely to affect your car's handling and stopping distances will be longer.


How much wine can we take through UK customs?

As much as you like as long as it is for your own use, or as a gift.

My friend says the limit is 10 cases of 12. Is that right?

90 litres or 10 cases is the amount above which a customs officer might ask questions about why you bought so much and that it is not for selling on.

Am I likely to be stopped?

You are very unlikely to be stopped in a car, though you can be a large van for obvious reasons. If the wine is for you there's no problem.

I need to make a quick decision. What should I order?

You can't go wrong with our classic wines - our Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Rosé 2018 and Bordeaux Supérieur red 2015 and our sparkling Crémant.

Why can't I pay online?

It makes sense for us to confirm an order by return, to ensure we have the stock ready for your collection. Importantly, the transaction should technically take place in France - the wine has to be bought here, according to customs - so we process the card payment here and can provide a French receipt. You can also pay by bank transfer, which some customers prefer.

Where can I try the wines before committing to a large order?

Our wine is not sold in shops (or very few) but go to and order individual bottles on the Singles page, and try them at home. The P&P on a single bottle is £4.75, and £9.50 for 2-12 bottles.

Can you send the wines to me in England at these prices?

No, sorry. Please order on where the prices include UK duty and VAT. It is illegal for us to sell wine in another EU country without ensuring that the excise duty in the destination country is paid. Not many people know that, but it's one reason why many transporters won't accept deliveries to individuals in the UK without the correct export procedures and paperwork in place.

What happens to our travel allowance if the UK leaves the EU with no deal?

Good question. The UK Government issued a white paper in October 2017 saying that in the event of a contingency with no agreement in place the same rules would apply going forward. Good news, though the traffic might, um, be an issue.

What happens when the UK leaves the EU with a deal?

The same rules will apply until the end of any transition period or extension of that - and presumably to the end of any backstop arrangement. Thereafter, who knows.

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