Try before you buy

Although the savings on UK duty are great, we think driving to France and buying ad hoc is fraught with risks. Calais in particular has a reputation for being full of wine that might struggle to sell elsewhere. Tasting lots of samples in tiny plastic cups and then driving is also not recommended.

You can order individual bottles of our wine for delivery in England, Scotland and Wales on 

It makes sense to try the wines together in a relaxed environment, whether with close family or by pairing with the menu.

To order, head for the (inappropriately named) Singles section on P & P for one bottle costs £4.75 and for 2-12 bottles, £9.50. There are also selection cases of different wines.

There is a charge for those 'sample' bottles but we will credit the cost of any of those sample bottles if you then go on to buy a large amount (60 bottles plus) of that wine or wines for a wedding, whether that order is for delivery in the UK or for collection from Calais or the Château.

We are always delighted to see Château Bauduc being served at weddings - far better to have people introduced to our wine while celebrating with friends and family than via a shiny shelf in a convenience store. And for the couple and family hosting, they can look back with satisfaction that they chose a wine from a real place, made by real people.

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