Why Wine Collect

Why wine collectThis may be a new website, but we've been supplying wine direct to private customers from the UK for many years, and some have collected their stash from our Calais depot or from the Château.

Regular customers have made a habit of it, though it's really to stock up for weddings, parties and private events that's made the trip worthwhile for many. As Brexit day looms on 31 October, many people want to save money, and have a little peace of mind, by stocking up now.

UK duty on a bottle of wine is now £2.23, plus VAT on the duty and the wine. So that's £2.68 a bottle including VAT on the duty, or more than £32 a dozen.

UK duty on sparkling wine is more at £2.86 plus VAT, so that's a £3.43 a bottle inclusive, or over £41 a dozen.

(The comparable duty rates in France are 3p and 8p respectively, including VAT. VAT on the wine is the same, at 20%.)

So, for anyone filling their boot for private use - say, for a wedding or a celebration - the saving in tax alone for ten dozen bottles of sparkling wine and ten dozen still wine is over £700. Even with the cost of getting to Calais, that's a considerable saving. (All that wine, by the way, weighs 340kg - the same as four average male passengers.)

As the UK Government and EU websites make clear, you do not pay duty or tax on wine you bring in from the EU, as long as you transport it yourself and it's for your own use, or as a gift, and that you have paid duty and tax in the country where you bought it.

Our prices here on Wine Collect - see the generous volume discounts in 'How it works' - also reflect the considerable savings we make on the cost to us of delivering wine in the UK.

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